Tips from The Auto Shoppe: Defensive Driving Techniques

The Auto Shoppe Driving

The Auto Shoppe Explains Defensive Driving

There’s not a specific definition of good driving, but people who follow defensive driving techniques are certainly better than average. At The Auto Shoppe, we value the safety of our customers and other drivers on the road. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best defensive driving techniques.

Never Assume

You parents have probably told you not to make assumptions about a person. This is more than just good advice for life, it’s also good advice for defensive driving. You should never assume that other drivers are going to do exactly what you would do in the same situation. Not all drivers are as attentive or aware of road rules as they should be, so be sure to watch other drivers in a situation where you’re unsure of what their actions may be. Being a defensive driver requires you to always be aware of your surroundings and other drivers.

Don’t Distract Yourself

Here at The Auto Shoppe, we see a lot of cars come in for repairs that they wouldn’t have needed it they wouldn’t have been driving distracted. This especially includes using cell phones. Texting, and even calling, on cell phones can be very distracting and will drastically increase the chance of an accident. Keep your cell phone put away when you’re behind the wheel.

Drive Smart, and Not Angry

Sometimes road rage is understandable, but it’s also not helpful. Getting mad about something that isn’t in your control just causing angry driving, which could lead to accidents. The Auto Shoppe recommends to just go with the flow when driving. Don’t try to speed past everyone, but don’t go so slow that you begin to make traffic back up. Maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you at all times. Basically, use your common sense and drive smart. Everyone on the road is trying to get somewhere, so they’re no different than you in that regard. Just relax and know that you’ll get to your destination soon.

Come to The Auto Shoppe for a Great Vehicle

If you’re in the market for a used vehicle, The Auto Shoppe has the perfect one for you. Our selection is vast and varied, so we’re sure to have something that checks all your boxes. Driving defensively is always easier if you’re sitting in a vehicle that you love! For more information, contact us or come visit The Auto Shoppe lot today.

Auto Mechanic Advice on Driving in the Snow

Auto Mechanic & Snow

Your Auto Mechanic Explains How to Drive in the Snow

As the heat of summer takes over, you may be looking for respite in cooler weather. As many people take their vacations in the mountains and go on ski trips, it’s important to remember how to drive safely in snow. Even if you’re not going somewhere cold, it’s always good to get a refresher on safe driving habits! Check out these tips from our auto mechanic to stay safe while driving.

Check Out the Weather Report

If you’re driving in an area that’s especially prone to harsh weather, check the report before heading out. Getting caught in a snowstorm makes driving difficult no matter how skilled you are. You can also check to see which roads are the best to take. If it’s recommended to not go out on the road, don’t risk it. Wait for clearer conditions.

Drive Slowly

If roads are treacherous, the best thing you can do is drive slow. You have much more control this way. If you begin to skid, let off the gas pedal, and turn your wheel in the way you want the car to go. Be sure not to overcorrect if this happens.

Prepare Your Car

Make sure your car is ready for snowy conditions. Good tires are essential for maintaining traction. If you’re in need of maintenance to get your car weather ready, a professional auto mechanic at the Auto Shoppe can help you out. If you’re not driving to your vacation spot, rent a car that can handle the snow. Options like 4 wheel drive will really help you out.

Be Smart

As a resident of the Midwest, you’re probably very used to driving in the snow. So use your best judgment! You’ve been doing it long enough to have a good grasp on what and what not to do. Trust your gut when it comes to deciding on the road conditions.

Come Visit Your Auto Mechanic at The Auto Shoppe

If you’re getting your car ready for a cold weather road trip, utilize the professional services of an auto mechanic at The Auto Shoppe. We’ll make sure your car is ready for both the long distance and the colder weather. Schedule an appointment with an auto mechanic today and view our website for more information on our auto mechanic services. We also have a great selection of used vehicles for sale, if you’re in the market for a car. Come on in and visit the dealership today!

Things to Do to Get the Most Money Out of Your Used Car

Used Car & Money

How You Can Get More Money When Selling Your Used Car

If you try to sell your used car on your own, you want to get the most money possible out of it. There are several tactics to getting more money out of your car, which we’ll go over today. Remember, you can always avoid the hassle of selling your car by trading in with The Auto Shoppe. If not, here’s some used car selling great tips we’ve compiled for your convenience!

Get it in Selling Condition

The first step is deep cleaning your car and fixing what’s necessary. Detailing your car will make it look infinitely more appealing to a potential buyer. Nobody wants to buy a dirty car. You can take it to a professional detailing service, or save some money and do it yourself. It can be a bit time-consuming, but it’s a nice project for a weekend. Make sure you wash the outside and maybe put a coat of wax on to give it a new shine. Vacuum out the inside, shampoo the carpets, and clean the seats. Buyers will want to buy something that seems like it’s new.

As far as repairs go, do what’s necessary, but don’t go overboard. For instance, if the car could use new tires, put on a new set. People will be more likely to buy a car with a brand new set of tires. For any necessary repairs, feel free to bring your used car to the auto repair experts at The Auto Shoppe. We can make recommendations to help you get more money out of it.

Prepare Your Ad

Once your car is ready to be sold, it’s time to prepare your advertisement. You’ll want to make it as appealing as possible. Take good pictures of the best angles of your car. Create an eye-catching description that will make people want to read the whole ad. Price it slightly above what you’re hoping to get out of so that you can let buyers talk you down a bit. Put your ad up on free advertisement billboards, and more importantly, online. Websites like Craigslist are great for listing a used car.

Come to The Auto Shoppe for Your Used Car Needs

Or you can avoid putting yourself through the ringer by just trading your used car in at The Auto Shoppe. We always give our valued customers a fair price. Whatever your decision, be sure to come to The Auto Shoppe when you’re ready to buy your replacement car. We have a great selection of quality used vehicles that are sure to meet your needs. For more information, contact us today or come and visit us at our dealership in Springfield, MO!

Why a Used Car is Great for a New Driver

Used Car New Driver

New Drivers May be Better Off with a Used Car

Do you have a teen driver who’s just about to start getting used to the road? It’s probably best to get them a used car rather than a new one. There’s a wide array of reasons for this, due to their inexperience, they’ll need something that’s safe, reliable, and able to take some roughing around. Here are some reasons that you should consider a used car for your new driver.

Lower Price

Buying your teen a used car may cause a bit of hesitation – especially if you’re worried about having the latest safety features. But the Auto Shoppe has a variety of used vehicles that have all the best safety technology, with a lower price than the cost of a brand new car. Also, insurance companies tend to charge a higher premium for new drivers who have brand new cars.

Better for Slight Abuse

Let’s face it, teenagers aren’t always the cleanest. Their new car will more than likely face some slight abuse when trucking around their friends. Mistakes like spilled drinks and slight dents and dings are bound to happen. That’s what learning is for! But this mistakes will lead to rapid depreciation on a brand new car. By buying a used car, you’ll be getting a ton of value and more leeway for these common mistakes.

An Opportunity to Teach Responsibility

Due to the all around affordability of a used car, it’s a good way to teach your teen some financial responsibility. If they break something on a brand new car, they most likely wouldn’t be able to afford the repairs with their summer part-time job. But if they break something on their used car, they could probably pay for the maintenance. Which will help them realize how important it is to be careful when driving and paying attention to the general maintenance of their vehicle.

Don’t Settle on Just Any Used Car

At The Auto Shoppe, we have a variety of quality used cars that are perfect for first-time drivers. You don’t have to sacrifice top of the line safety features when you buy a used car with us. We have vehicles that have the latest technology to keep your teen safe, all at a reasonable price. Our sales team takes the time to learn your specific needs and find the perfect vehicle. We specialize in customer satisfaction. Contact us today or view our website for more information.

How is the Price for a Used Car Determined?

Used Car Appraisal

How a Used Car is Appraised for Price

If you’re looking to buy or sell a used car, you want to get the most value possible. Determining what factors go into the price of a used car is an important part of the process. Today we’ll discuss some of these factors and how much they can cause the asking price to vary.

Age and Mileage

These are usually the biggest factors when determining the worth of a used car. Unless it’s a classic car, you’ll usually see a much higher asking price for a newer car. But you also have to consider the mileage on the vehicle. If the mileage is high, the asking price will be lower as a result. Even if you’ve replaced the engine, high mileage still mean there’s significant wear and tear on the rest of the car.

Options and Extras

Sometimes these factors just depend on the buyer. Most people would probably prefer an automatic transmission, but there are people who prefer manual. This can affect the price of the vehicle when negotiating. On the other hand, there are extras that just about everyone would prefer. Power windows, power locks, and sunroofs all fall within this category. If two cars are identical, with the exception being one has power locks and windows, the one with the power options will fetch the higher price.


Even if a car runs perfectly, it’s price can be affected by the aesthetic appearance of the car. Dents and dings on the exterior will certainly deter would-be buyers. A dirty interior with rips or stains on the seats will also cause a lower asking price. Luckily, you can usually detail and enhance the appearance of your car yourself, which will give you a better chance of reaching your asking price.


Again, this depends on the buyer, but aftermarket parts can usually make a used car harder to sell. Some people may appreciate a spoiler and rims on their vehicle, but not all will. This means you’ll be trying to sell to a specific buyer which can really cut down on your potential market. A lesser consideration that many sellers forget about is paint color. Neutral colors tend to sell better, like gray and black, where flashy colors like yellow or red tend to be a harder sell.

Buy or Trade Your Used Car with the Auto Shoppe

The Auto Shoppe has been working in the used car market for years, so we know exactly how to price a vehicle. When you buy a used car and trade-in your car at our dealership, you can rest assured that you’ll get a fair price every time. For more information on our inventory, contact us or come visit us today.

Auto Repair Maintenance You Can Do at Home

Auto Repair DIY

Auto Repair Procedures That Are Safe to Do at Home

If your car is having issues, it’s always best to ask an auto repair professional to take care of the problem. But with the right know-how, you can perform some simple auto repair procedures at home. These repairs are fairly easy, and not too time-consuming if you know what you’re doing.

Oil Change

Oil changes are probably among the most difficult DIY auto repair procedures, so make sure you really know what you’re doing before attempting to do this at home. For this repair, you’ll need a wrench, a funnel, new oil, and oil filter, and a container for the old oil. Another important aspect of this is making sure you properly dispose of the old oil. Bring it to a disposal center that takes care of oil in your area. If there isn’t one nearby, you should probably just get your oil changed at the auto repair shop.

New Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers need to be replaced every once in awhile so that you can safely drive in the rain. Old wipers can streak and do a worse job at keeping your visibility high in heavy rain. You won’t need any tools for this simple maintenance. Simply buy your new wipers, and follow the instructions on the box. Often it’s as easy as sliding them off and affixing the new ones to the wiper arm. Make sure you look at how your old wipers were positioned, so it’s easier to know how to put the new ones on.

New Air Filter

For most vehicles, the air filter is easy to access. Simply buy a new air filter, look at how the old air filter is positioned, and place the new one in the exact same way. Check your manual beforehand to be absolutely sure on where it needs to go. Some vehicles have air filters that are more difficult to access, in which case, it might be a better idea to bring it to your auto repair professionals at the Auto Shoppe.

Blown Fuse

If the lights in your car aren’t working, it may not always be the bulb’s fault. Check to make sure a fuse isn’t blown first. If you look in your owner’s manual, you can find exactly where the fuse box is located and labels for what each fuse is connected to. You can find new fuses at an auto shop or a gas station. Make sure you check to see what kind of fuses your car needs, as there are different sizes and varieties.

Trust the Auto Repair Experts at the Auto Shoppe

If you’re ever unsure about a DIY repair, don’t attempt to try it. You could do more harm than good. There’s always the auto repair professionals at the Auto Shoppe to handle any repair, big or small. For more information on our services, or if you’re interested in a quality used vehicles, contact us today.

Your Auto Mechanic Explains the Gauges in Your Car

Auto Mechanic Gauges

Car Gauges Explained by Your Auto Mechanic

You’re probably familiar with a few of the gauges in your dashboard, but do you know what they all mean? It’s important to be familiar with the functions of these gauges so you can keep your car in the best condition possible.


This is the gauge that everyone is the most familiar with, or at least the one you look at the most. Most of these are an electric gauge that uses the wheel speed to tell you how fast you’re going. This gauge measures your miles per hour and is important in helping you abide by the speed limit. A broken speedometer is an easy way to get a speeding ticket!

Fuel Gauge

Another familiar gauge, the fuel gauge is important to pay attention to for obvious reasons. If the gauge reaches empty, time to fill up with gas. What you might not know is the fact that letting your tank get too low can actually be bad for your fuel pump. Our auto mechanic recommends trying to keep your fuel level above the ¼ line at all times. The reason for this is your fuel pump lies at the bottom of the fuel in your tank. The liquid keeps it cool, but if the liquid level is too low, the pump will run hot and it won’t last as long.


Not all cars have a tachometer, but if you do, it’s that gauge that measures your RPM, or revolutions per minute. Never run your car into the red zone on your tachometer. This is extremely bad for the engine.

Temperature Gauge

This gauge measures your engine coolant temperature. If you ever started your car up when it’s really cold out, it was probably all the way to the left, or the cold area. You’ll notice as you run your car it will warm up to the middle of the meter. If your temperature is running hot, you should pull over and wait for it to cool down. If it continues to run hot, bring it to your auto mechanic for repair. This could be a serious problem.


This gauge is the best way to tell if there’s something wrong with your battery. If the gauge is reading low, it’s a good idea to bring it to your auto mechanic to diagnose the issue.

Oil Pressure Gauge

Sometimes you’ll have an oil pressure gauge, or sometimes you’ll just have a warning light that pops up when you’re low. Either way, you want to get an oil change before this light has the chance to pop up or before you get low on the gauge. Ask your auto mechanic how often they recommend to get an oil change, as it depends on your car and the type of oil you buy.

Trust an Auto Mechanic at the Auto Shoppe

If you ever have an issue with your gauges, or any other issue with your vehicle, bring it to an expert auto mechanic at the Auto Shoppe. We have the best auto mechanics in the business, who are happy to explain the best way to care for your car and explain what’s wrong if you’re in need of repair. We take pride in our customer satisfaction and service, so we work hard to get your vehicle back and working as efficiently as possible. To make an appointment with an auto mechanic, give us a call today.

The Auto Shoppe Explains Depreciation

The Auto Shoppe Depreciation

Depreciation Info from The Auto Shoppe

There are many reasons that buying a used car may be a better option than buying new, but one of the primary reasons is depreciation. A new car begins depreciating as soon as you drive it off the lot. Many people find that they don’t get nearly as much money as they think they should when selling their new car after a few years. While it’s true that your used car will depreciate as well, the effects are less harsh. Here are some reasons why buying used from the Auto Shoppe is always the better choice.

How New Cars Depreciate

As we said earlier, a new car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot, often as much as 10% of the original price. By the time the first year is over, it may depreciate as much as 20%. By the end of five years, your car may only be worth around 40% of the original price you paid for it. By buying used, you can avoid that huge first-year drop in depreciation. This is especially the case with buying used from the Auto Shoppe. We have used vehicles that are only a year or two old, meaning you’re getting a like new vehicle without taking that huge hit in depreciation.

Other Depreciation Factors

Depreciation is based on more factors than just the age of the car. You have to take into account mileage, desirability, fuel economy, appearance and more. For instance, a car with 50,000 miles will be worth more than a car with 80,000 miles, even if the 80,000-mile car is a year newer. Although, if the 80,000-mile car was a hybrid, and the 50,000-mile car is not, then the 80,000-mile car would be worth more. As you can see determining the depreciation of a vehicle is fairly nuanced. The Auto Shoppe take all of these factors into account when determining a fair price for our used cars.

Come to the Auto Shoppe for the Perfect Used Vehicle

The used vehicles sold at The Auto Shoppe are the highest quality around. We specialize in customer service and satisfaction. We’ll work to find you the perfect used vehicle for your needs and at a price that you’ll love. For more information, give us a call today, or come on into the Auto Shoppe dealership to check out the inventory!

Finding the Right Used Car Dealers

cars lined up on used car dealers lot

How to Pick the Right Used Car Dealers

It can be a tricky business when wanting to purchase a used car. Finding the right used car dealer can be a vital element to the overall buying experience. The Auto Shoppe, a premier used car dealer in Springfield, MO, offers an experienced and knowledgeable approach to customers interested in purchasing a car. It is important to enter a used car dealer feeling confident and in control. Our customers’ experiences at our used car dealership should be memorable, supportive, and hassle-free. Whether you choose to buy at our business or decide to shop around, here is some advice to follow when searching for a used car dealer.


  • Read the Dealer Reviews: Reviews can provide a good view of overall dealership quality. Previous customers will share both satisfactory and unpleasant interactions, allowing you to gauge a general consistency of the used car dealer towards buyers.


  • Find out Dealer Longevity: While selling cars is an important business, it’s also difficult to remain relevant when competing against other used car dealers. Buying from a well-established used car dealer means choosing a company that has a firm basis in the community.


  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): Check the BBB website by your state, as records regarding customer complaints will remain available for up to 36 months.


  • Facility Cleanliness: How the establishment is preserved and presented is a pressing example of their business detail and approach.


  • Customer Service: When you are present, or when you phone in, are you treated with courtesy and respect? Gauge how you are welcomed, how long it takes to be approached, and how you receive help. If your first experience is subpar, then doing continued business will most likely be just as disappointing.


  • Ask Around: Gaining firsthand experience and suggestion can help eliminate the uncertainty and pinpoint the best used car dealers, based on trusted recommendation.


  • Be Informed: Read up and research the make and model of the car you are interested in. Understand the features, or be aware of the amenities available to make the process easier on both parties.


  • Inquire about Services Available: Ask the dealership what services are made available to you as a customer (i.e. loaner service or shuttle service). Understanding the long-term perks can help in deciding where to invest your business.

One of Springfield’s Premier Used Car Dealers

Used car dealers sometimes feel like a dime a dozen. With transportation always a necessity, used car dealers in Springfield, MO, exist to address all used car and auto repair needs. One of Springfield, Missouri’s most reputable used car dealers, the Auto Shoppe has the finesse, staff, and inventory to provide the best in customer service and selection for our customers.

At The Auto Shoppe, our mission is to provide the best in auto repair and used cars for our customers. For more information on our inventory and the services we provide, check out The Auto Shoppe website or stop by our location in Springfield, Missouri! We look forward to working with you.

Used Cars: Selling Tips

man in tie selling used cars at The Auto Shoppe

Selling Used Cars

When it comes to dealing with vehicles, there is a lot to think about. Here at The Auto Shoppe, we understand that used cars come with many questions and hesitations. Purchasing or selling used cars is cautionary to both the buyer and seller. The buyer wants to choose from reliable used cars, and both parties want to get the best out of the deal.

At The Auto Shoppe, we pay great attention to servicing and repairing your used car and are extremely attentive when buying cars for our lot. We are thoughtful and meticulous when appraising the worth of a used car, and even provide suggestions when selling your used car. The Auto Shoppe is a premier business among the used car dealers in Springfield, MO, and our team has advice on how to make selling your car as beneficial as possible.

Selling a Used Car to a Dealership

A popular thought when it comes to a used car is the possibility of trading in your used car for a newer model, or selling your used car to a private buyer. The Auto Shoppe welcomes the opportunity to increase their inventory with quality used cars, and even offer a trusted auto mechanic to service any auto repairs if a trade-in is desired or executed. However, there are beneficial points to either circumstance, as well as potential downsides.

When deciding to sell your car to a used car dealer, you are guaranteed a quick turnaround, and a fair price in exchange. The car is off your hands, leaving you the ability to purchase a replacement with the cash obtained, or complete a trade-in minus the value appropriated to the car you traded. If a private sale is more suitable, always make sure to be aware of some basic concerns.

Used Car Selling Tips

When attempting to sell your car to a private buyer, there are a few things to consider. It’s important to cover specific details to ensure a no-fault used car sale. Before selling your used car:

  • Decide a Price: consider the car’s value and set a price point. It is helpful to reference such guides as the Kelley Blue Book to find a decent pricing range. Many buyers will also reference such materials.
  • Consider Negotiations: evaluate negotiation points and set a “rock bottom,” price, if willing to compromise.
  • Fix Obvious Blunders: this can involve bald tires or a cracked windshield. Anything that is a deterrence to the buyer, but not too costly to the seller
  • Be Upfront: remain as honest as possible throughout the sale

Used Cars at The Auto Shoppe

Stop by The Auto Shoppe today to see our selection of high-quality used cars and trucks. We also offer auto repair services! For more information, check out our website or call our office today. We look forward to speaking with you!