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Find The Auto Shoppe on Campbell Avenue just south of Battlefield. We are one of the premium used car dealerships in Springfield, MO. If you want to look at high-quality used cars, we have the selection for you. You might technically call our vehicles used cars or used trucks, but nothing about them looks used. We take great pride in our auto repair work. Any vehicle you choose from our lot runs so smoothly, you’ll struggle to believe you bought it pre-owned and not brand new.

Beautiful Vehicles for Used Car Prices

At The Auto Shoppe, we don’t just buy used cars, turn around and sell them to you. Sometimes we admit to only doing a bit of touch up work but only when the used car or truck comes to us in pristine condition. Even when a car comes to us almost perfect, we have things we do to ensure you get the absolute best vehicle for the money. Our experienced auto mechanics have a passion for working on used cars and used trucks, and we believe the level of care we put into our vehicles says a lot about our integrity.

Used Car Dealers You Can Trust

A lot of used car dealers get a bad rap through movies and popular culture, but you don’t need to worry about The Auto Shoppe for a couple of reasons. First, we have a longstanding history in this region. Known throughout the Midwest for the quality and selection of our used vehicles for sale, we have many repeat customers who have trusted us for many years. We don’t move around from state to state because we made Springfield, MO, our home and built relationships with the community. We’ve been in business for nearly thirty years for these reasons. Secondly, our team includes phenomenal auto mechanics who enjoy solving any car problems and perfecting the art of auto repair.

Types of Used Vehicles

The make and model of the vehicles we sell vary greatly, but we do our best to select the vehicles we can fix and can put our names behind. If you want to exchange a vehicle, we do trade-ins. We look over your car and give you a fair price of fair value for your car or truck. You drive off our lot with a vehicle you love at a price you like, and we get to give someone else the joy of buying your old vehicle (once we touch it up to its absolute potential).

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If you need a pre-owned vehicle that runs as well as a new vehicle, don’t hesitate to come visit us at The Auto Shoppe. You can even check out The Auto Shoppe’s inventory online. We look forward to seeing you and putting you into the vehicle of your dreams.