What Our Customers Say


A Man at The Auto Shoppe Sealing a Deal with a Handshake

At The Auto Shoppe, we believe in providing the best customer service we possibly can. We understand that some people hold negative feelings toward used car dealers based on past experiences or because of popular culture depictions in films or TV shows. The crew at The Auto Shoppe works each and every day, with each and every interaction, to set the record straight and to maintain a great relationship with our community. Our crew is made up of so much more than just salesmen. When you visit The Auto Shoppe to take a look at our used cars for sale or to sell us your long-loved vehicle, you meet face to face with us and see that we have families in the community, we take love our city and area, and we are auto mechanics who take pride in the vehicles we service.

What You Get at The Auto Shoppe

When you do business with The Auto Shoppe, you do business with a group of individuals and a company that has stood tall for nearly 30 years in this community. In that time, we have continued to provide quality service to our customers in the area and all of the Midwest.

Buying a Used Vehicle From Us

If you want a selection of great used cars or used trucks at a price you can afford from dealers you can trust, look no further than The Auto Shoppe. We carry a varied selection of compact cars, sports cars, trucks, and SUVs. Our auto mechanics take great care to ensure all of the vehicles on our lot live up to expectations and comfortably get you where you need to go.

Selling Your Vehicle to Us

If you wish to trade in your vehicle, we also purchase cars. We look for well cared for vehicles, but our auto mechanics don’t shy away from making the necessary auto repairs either. If you want to upgrade to something more spacious, something more stylish, or something a little more efficient, we can accommodate. We’ll take your car off your hands, credit its worth toward your new vehicle, and make any necessary auto repairs to return your old vehicle to tip-top shape.

Contact Us Today

Please let us know how you felt about your interaction with us. We continue to stay in business because we treat our clients right and because we care about what we do. From time to time, we post positive feedback on our site in the form of testimonials. If you wish to look over our inventory or have an interest in a specific vehicle, feel free to contact The Auto Shoppe online.