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Financing Your Purchase Through The Auto Shoppe

At The Auto Shoppe, we encourage all customers and potential customers to check their credit score prior to visiting any used car dealerships in Springfield, MO. Unless you check your credit score too often, a simple check won’t hurt your score, and you should know what loans you can find to finance the car you wish to purchase. A positive credit score will make purchasing a used car much easier, but don’t worry if you have poor credit. The Auto Shoppe, as a car dealership in Springfield, MO, can often help you finance your vehicle regardless of your poor credit.

Why Check Your Credit Score First?

You should always know your credit score before you begin shopping for vehicles or before you visit used car dealers. All dealerships, including The Auto Shoppe, will ask you to provide a credit check at some point, so you can begin the process of financing your vehicle. If you check your score beforehand, no issues will catch you by surprise when it matters most.

Financing Through The Auto Shoppe

Many people worry about their credit before making a major purchase, and for good reason. A great credit score can increase the likelihood a bank will approve you for a loan. If you have a higher credit score, you will also receive lower interest rates. Banks tend to approve you for more money when your credit score is above average as well. Insurance rates continue to decrease the better your credit score, too. If you have a low credit score, however, the bank may never approve you for a loan to begin with, let alone give you great interest rates.

As a car dealership, The Auto Shoppe can help finance your vehicle. Your credit score doesn’t matter nearly as much to us as it does to a bank. We make our money in car sales, not in loaning or financing money. Our relationship with you matters more to us in the long run, and we can often help you get financing that meets your needs better.

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If you fill out our finance application, you can see for yourself whether we can approve you for a loan through The Auto Shoppe. Don’t worry. This approval process doesn’t lock you into a loan or commit you to any short or long term agreement. You can fill it out and see what financing we can make available to you.

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