Sell Your Car to The Auto Shoppe

Woman Trading in Her Car to The Auto Shoppe

Though The Auto Shoppe does carry a wide selection of vehicles for sale, we stay on the lookout for great new deals coming our way. If you want to buy a new vehicle from us, chances are you wish to get a used car or used truck off of your hands. If you do have a car you want to sell, consider selling it or trading it into The Auto Shoppe. We will buy used cars outright or put the value of your vehicle toward your new vehicle.

Tips For Selling Vehicles to Used Car Dealers

Just about every other person thinks differently about whether they should trade in their vehicles or sell their used cars to private buyers. Both situations have their benefits and both situations have their downsides. Mainly, selling a vehicle to a private buyer gives you the potential to get a smidge more money for your vehicle, whereas trading in your car to a used car dealership in Springfield, MO, like The Auto Shoppe, helps you get in and out. You get a fair deal in a convenient manner. If you try to sell your car to private buyers, you could wait for a long time. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood of something happening that depreciates the value of your vehicle.

What To Do Before Bringing Your Vehicle to The Auto Shoppe

Before you bring your trade-in to us, you should take care to do a few things. Just as importantly, you should restrain yourself from doing a few other things. First, you’d be better off thinking about how much you think your car is worth. Think about a few questions: How much do you expect to get for your car? How much will you budge from this price? You can also look around to see how much other similarly aged and modeled cars are going for.

More important than the things you do, however, are the things you don’t do. It’s important to keep in mind that an experienced auto mechanic can fix a car cheaper than you can pay someone to fix your car. At The Auto Shoppe, we have quite a few fantastic auto mechanics, so don’t bother fixing those small items in hopes it will increase the value. You’ll lose more money in the long run because we can fix it for cheaper. Don’t put new tires on the car or detail the car either. There are certain things we will do regardless, so this time and money is only wasted. If you have another offer, let us know. We’ll see if we can match it, but don’t try to bluff used car dealers. We buy and sell used cars and do auto repairs for a living, so we have a lot of experience judging a vehicle’s worth. This doesn’t mean, though, that you shouldn’t negotiate. Regardless of how you sell your car, you should always try to negotiate the best deal possible.

Let Us Know If You Want to Sell Your Car

Take a look at our inventory. If you find a vehicle you like, let us know. Show us what you’ve got, and we can work out a deal. Contact The Auto Shoppe online to schedule a time to talk about your trade-in and the new car you want.